Why a lot of storage can be a bad thing

Having enough storage in a house is great and always something to look for when viewing, but can you have too much storage in your home?

If you're lacking storage in your home, you may have the urge to go to your local furniture boutique and home store to purchase shelving, drawer units, ottomans, console tables you name it. That'll solve the storage problem right? Afraid not.

Filling your home with too many storage options can often be a bad thing believe it or not. Why? Because as humans we'll have a tendency to want to purchase/find things to fill these storage items with to make use of their intended purpose. Things we may not actually need, may not actually love or will never even use. You'll also most likely find you have so much storage that you can't find things when you need them.

How do I stop this from happening?

Deciding how much storage you'll need in your home requires a little sorting and decluttering beforehand. My tip would be to start room by room decluttering, then group items into categories by the room they belong in. You'll then know how much storage you need for items you're keeping instead of everything you already have taking up unnecessary space.

So, too much storage can cause clutter in itself and bring frustration. Choose pieces you really love and serve it's storage purpose. If pieces are also flexible enough to be moved around the house and be used for storing different types of items, this is also a win-win, as you never know when you'll need to do a little re-jig.

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